Sergeant Rodney Thurman
Snow Camp, NC

44 years old // married, wife Tracy
5 children // Noah (9), Mackenna (7), Elijah (5), Isaiah (3), Eva (1)
hometown: Siler City, NC

VA Rated Disabilities
Severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury,
Chronic Degenerative Neck Pain, Radiculopathy (Left and Right Arms)

ARMY // 11/2001 – 06/2004
over 3 years of Honorable Service as an Infantryman
Operation Enduring Freedom

PHH Program
Veterans Aging In Place (VAIP)
Going to a family member’s home to get water to cook with is an everyday occurrence for The Thurman family. They live in a small 1940s home in Snow Camp, NC that has many problems, including a leaking septic tank located only 50 feet from the septic tank, which has been leaking for a while. The home technically has 2 bedrooms, but bunk beds have been placed in the living room to accommodate their five children. They heat the home with a wood stove because the gas cost is extremely expensive and the house is not well insulated. Despite all of this, they maintain a healthy outlook and feel fortunate to have a home at all. Purple Heart Homes has plans for major renovations for this family’s home.

In The Veteran’s Own Words
“After my fall off the cliff in Afghanistan I have been struggling with PTSD, a Traumatic Brain Injury and a spine injury. I have struggled to rehabilitate due to my injuries and with my wife and five kids we have worked very hard to maintain a stable happy home. My injuries keep me from being able to process information. With my memory suffering I have a difficult time completing tasks, remembering the sequence of and processing new information is difficult for me. I don't like to go to new places, and have a difficult time processing all the stimulus that I receive in public places unless it is somewhere I have been multiple times before. I have a difficult time controlling my moods and get frustrated, aggravated, and can get very aggressive easily. I try hard to control my mood and it is much easier for me to do so at home than in public. I have to be very careful of the physical activity that I do as I have hurt my back several times and cannot control how long it takes to recover from it and the extreme back pain I feel during the injury is very frustrating and hard to deal with.”

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