John Gallina
John Gallina began his career building homes in North Carolina when he was 19 years old.  Through the years Gallia has built custom homes, high-end homes and luxury town houses.  He worked as a construction supervisor for KT Isenhour Construction, JD North Construction and Torrey Homes to name a few.  In 1996 he joined the North Carolina National Guard and was deployed to Iraq in January 2004.  On November 15, 2004 while riding in the same vehicle with Dale Beatty an explosion from an anti tank mine resulted in severe head and back injuries for Gallina. Upon his return to North Carolina, Gallina was grateful that his community welcomed him back and thanked him for his service, BUT felt that others before him who had fought in wars to defend the United States also needed to be acknowledged.    After helping to build a specially adapted home for his friend and “battle buddy”, Dale Beatty, the two men decided to team up with the common goal of providing help for both young AND older veterans—giving them back their freedom from the barriers in their current homes.   John and his wife, Cori-Anne have three children—Ella Marie, Joseph Anthony and Jordan. In his spare time Gallina enjoys rebuilding and restoring old cars.